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Raj Hindi Font Pack FREE Download TTF

Download Raj Hindi Font FREE. This is best Bold Hindi Designer font heading and display design. Raj Hindi Font Download, Raj 08 Hindi Font Free Download, Raj Font Free Download 750+ All Hindi Font Download Zip File Kruti Dev, KBC, Bhartiya HINDI

Benefit of Raj Hindi font typing code is same as Kruti Dev and Hindi font.

  • Kruti Dev: Kruti Dev is a widely used Hindi font and comes in various versions, such as Kruti Dev 010, Kruti Dev 016, Kruti Dev 040, etc.
  • Mangal: Mangal is the default Hindi font for many Windows applications and is a Unicode-based font.
  • Devanagari: Devanagari is another popular Unicode-based Hindi font that is widely used for Hindi content on the web and in various applications.
  • Aparajita: Aparajita is a font included in Windows and is known for its readability.
  • Lohit Hindi: Lohit Hindi is a free and open-source font that supports the Devanagari script.
  • Chanakya: Chanakya is a classic Hindi font with a unique style and is often used in titles and headings.
  • Preeti: Preeti is a popular Nepali font but is also used for writing Hindi content.
  • Shusha: Shusha is an older Hindi font and is still used by some for a vintage touch.
  • Nirmala UI: Nirmala UI is a font included in Windows, and it is known for its legibility in both Hindi and other Indic languages.
  • Sanskrit Text: This font is suitable for writing Sanskrit, but it can also be used for Hindi content.

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